6 Promotional Signs to Let Customers Know You’re Open For Business

  • May 7, 2022

As restaurants, salons, retail stores, and more begin reopening the doors, many business owners are trying to think of bold ways to visually attract customers to their businesses. From curbside food pickup to salons trying to get the word out that they are taking appointments again, promotional signs are the best way to grab the attention of the public.

Here are 6 promotional sign ideas that will inform customers you are open for business.  


Feather Flags

Stop customers in their tracks with colorful feather flags that can help promote brands and businesses in a bold way. From bars to retail stores, flags offer great visibility and are the perfect solution to let bystanders know that the doors are open! Plus, the unique shape of the flags allows them to move with the wind. They can turn a full 360-degrees, which increases readability from all sides.


Canopy Tents

Vibrant canopy tents are the trick you need to draw in crowds. These tents will keep you shaded when you wait for customers to pick up purchases, but also shine a light on your business' offerings. Whatever message you’re trying to share, say it with a fabric canopy tent that will surely entice customers to see what your company is all about. 


Social Distancing Stickers

Now, every time you walk into a grocery store or home improvement center, you’ll see social distancing stickers plastered on the floors. From waiting in the checkout line to distinguishing one-way traffic down each aisle, these stickers help keep customers six feet apart and safe from contracting anything unwanted. An absolute must for every business!


Tabletop Tents

Many restaurants are now operating at 25% capacity, meaning fewer guests and more space in between occupied tables. Although these table tents are a great method for promoting drinks and specials, they can also be used to let customers know these tables need to be vacant in order to keep a safe distance between dining patrons.


Collapsible Sign

Do you know what your business needs? A bold collapsible sign that can easily be moved around. Not only will this sign get your message across, loud and clear, but you can also easily fold it and transport it to another area for increased visibility. Durable and sturdy, this sign will act as a stable reminder to guests that your business is open.


Fabric Banner

As the times change, so does what you’re offering. A fabric banner with a metal frame is the perfect way to change out your messaging regularly. Rather than ordering a new vinyl sign every time you have a new promotion, these fabric banners are cost-effective and can quickly be installed on the metal frame, so there's no time wasted in trying to reach out to customers. 

Curious about other signs that you can use to promote the re-opening of your business? We offer other useful products that will help you enhance exposure and market to customers – who are ready and excited to support your business once again!

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